The balmy air of pre-monsoon summer hit my every sense as my tumultuous love affair with India began.

Welcome to India: Denna’s First Encounter with her Second Home : http://broadleaf.org/welcome-india-dennas-first-encounter-second-home/ 

Kumari - The living child goddesses of Nepal

Learn more about the Kumari child goddesses of Nepal

Teabox: Disrupting the Darjeeling tea industry

Startup, TeaBox, aims to bring Darjeeling tea distribution and sourcing into the 21st century.

Teabox: modernizing and disrupting Darjeeling tea

Tea is the lifeblood and main industry of Darjeeling and a healthy tea industry is great for the region.  Unfortunately, the tea industry as a whole has been left in the past and is ripe for disruption.  

Along comes Teabox: a startup with the goal of modernizing and streamlining tea sourcing and distribution- featured in this NYtimes article.

Steeped in Darjeeling - The search for the perfect cup

NatGeo Traveler piece about a man’s time in Darjeeling finding the perfect cup of tea.

Broadleaf HEA: How Content Marketing Helps Us Improve Health & Wellness in India [Interview] - Scripted

Board of Director, Matt Matergia, sat down with Scripted.com to discuss our organization and content marketing for nonprofits. We’re excited to be participating in Scripted’s nonprofit program and can’t wait to share the great content that we create with them.

The Fellows are coming!! The Fellows are coming!!! | American India Foundation

Megan Casebolt, Broadleaf’s AIF fellow, hosted her fellow fellows in Darjeeling. They visited some of our schools in Marybong and got to meet our community health workers in addition to some R&R in Kurseong and Darjeeling. Read more by clicking the link to the AIF.org blog.

Facebook Is Throttling Nonprofits and Activists

We have seen a dramatic drop in the organic reach of our Facebook posts, especially over the last 6 months or so.  Furthermore, when we do make minimal investments in Facebook advertising, we are inundated with what seem to be likes from fake accounts or click farms. This creates a catch-22. Facebook needs to improve the algorithm and have different standards for not only non-profits and social causes but I would argue local businesses as well (you are probably genuinely interested in seeing the occasional post from your neighborhood business). 

Looking for a way to support the Nepali Sherpas?

Follow up from a piece by Philippa Biddle we shared a few weeks ago on the ethics of voluntourism http://ow.ly/vjp93

Follow up from a piece by Philippa Biddle we shared a few weeks ago on the ethics of voluntourism http://ow.ly/vjp93

Developing innovative approaches to community development through health and education in rural, marginalized areas in the Eastern Himalayas.